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With the growing number of singles the declining birthrate and the lack of families  our country is heading down a path seen many times before through the course of History. Rome, China, England. History shows that when a society moves away from families and the connection of being apart of something more than just themselves, it begins to unravel at the seams. When men and women become all about self... greed, corruption, self-serving pleasure, society is driven into a dark age lacking progress and growth. We see this trend taking hold today.  

When for the first time ever more Americans associate themselves as single then not. When the idea of having a family becomes a burden because of costs and responsibility. When divorce is easier than fighting through the challenges, when giving up on hopes and dreams becomes a families life, something must be done.  

Imagine if we changed this! Imagine if young men and women, couples married for 1-50 years understood how to break through this. Every week through Renessa and Chris’s workshop serving 25,000 singles in what many call America’s Toughest place to date... this very change is happening.  Singles are being introduced to love and happiness. Families and marriages are being reignited with Romance,Passion and Love! 

Lets begin to work together!

Feb 29, 2016

Dating Coach-Author and Matchmaker Renessa Rios discusses America's Biggest Epidemic for our singles community with having a larger population of single women compared to single men over 45. 

Women are turning to desperate measures to find the right partner and Renessa Rios discuss the one way to help cure loneliness in...

Feb 22, 2016

With all of the options with online dating, single events and matchmaking, singles are confused with how to date! Seattle/Bellevue Matchmaker and Dating - Relationship Expert Renessa Rios shares her weekly video podcast on How to be clear in dating and when to be exclusive?