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Renessa Strong shares her secrets to mastering online dating and creating a successful online dating profile. Learn new success tips on best photos, writing your description and picking a profile name!

Listen today and start new with online dating!

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Renessa Strong shares her secrets and short cuts on creating a sexy love life from her successful coaching practice. Get ready to learn these easy to follow steps to creating chemistry and connection on all of your dates. 

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Renessa Rios interviews Christy Lee Beckley for her "Miracle Seekers Show".

Christy Lee shares her inspiring story of being born & raised in a Las Vegas trailer park with all the odds stacked against her.
Her history is filled with trauma due to
-sexual abuse from her father
-a mother with drug addictions & mental illness who recently committed suicide
-being a habitual runaway on the verge of suicide herself
-loads of abusive & failed relationships

How did miracles happen in her life to be thriving now?

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Renessa Rios shares her advice on how to conquer fears and doubts when it comes to dating and understanding we all offer dating real estate. Are you clear on why someone would want to invest in you as a partner or are you filled with fear of rejection?  Also understand if you are a skeleton dater when you go on first dates. 

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Dating Coach-Author and Matchmaker Renessa Rios discusses America's Biggest Epidemic for our singles community with having a larger population of single women compared to single men over 45. 

Women are turning to desperate measures to find the right partner and Renessa Rios discuss the one way to help cure loneliness in our country! 

Listen and share with your family and friends.

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With all of the options with online dating, single events and matchmaking, singles are confused with how to date! Seattle/Bellevue Matchmaker and Dating - Relationship Expert Renessa Rios shares her weekly video podcast on How to be clear in dating and when to be exclusive? www.MatchDateLove.come.com

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